Where do I start? My name is Timothy Garcia and I’m crazy about my health. Everything and anything that has to do about health including: hygiene, nutrition, diet, food, and more.

It all started at 10 years old. I’m 26 years old now. I feel old when I think 26. It all started for me wanting to build muscle for the wrestling team. I began that journey by starting with pushups. I then started going to the gym. Many of those years I did not eat correctly and just worked out. From there, I found every book I could read about health. Nutrition became a big part of my workouts as soon as I educated myself on the subject. Working out for 10 years and seeing little to no improvement can be discouraging. Once I learned about nutrition it was the start of a new journey. I have tried many different diets but ultimately learning what works for you the best in the key to nutrition and dieting. I really find that having a well-balanced meal along with healthy hygiene is one of the most important factors to live life to the max.

After being fascinated with these topics for many years I decided to go to college and turn my passion into a carrier. I currently am tending a college class for health care and medicine. By knowing a little more about me, “Can you guess what this blog is going to be about?” This blog will be about everything dental and healthcare. At what point in my life I really did not take care of my hygiene. I did not take care of my teeth at all. I will bring as much value in regards to dental and healthcare so hopefully you can have enough information to stay as healthy as possible for the longest time.